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For the harshest of sliding or wet abrasion applications.


Introducing REXLINE Premium Rubber Sheeting™, a specially formulated compound designed to excel in challenging wet and dry applications.

This premium rubber sheeting provides exceptional abrasion resistance, elongation, and strength, making it ideal for handling fine ores even in the most extreme conditions.

Globally acknowledged as a leading choice for demanding sliding or wet abrasion applications, REXLINE Premium Rubber Sheeting guarantees superior performance. When you require top-notch rubber sheeting capable of withstanding harsh conditions, look no further than the REXLINE Premium Rubber range.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality rubber wear protection solutions extends across Australia, from major cities like Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne to the most remote mine sites. We offer REXLINE Premium Rubber Sheets in pre-ordered lengths, ensuring a tailored fit for your specific requirements.

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Rubber is mouldable to form a permanent bond and has a tough outer surface for the purpose of lining equipment. Being “self-lubricating”, it eliminates wearing surface friction and therefore prolongs the equipment life and reduces maintenance costs.

It will not emit toxic fumes or leak any harmful substance into production streams while in service. Thus, rubber lining is recognized as being environmentally friendly.


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