Rubber Sheeting

REXLINE BIIR 50 (Bromo- Isoprene- Isobutyl- Rubber) is a “Bromo Butyl” rubber compound specially designed for chemical protection applications REXLINE BIIR 50 provides outstanding resistance against acids such as sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid. Also it can be used for a wide range of alkaline such as Sodium hydroxide and other chemicals. REXLINE BIIR 50 has good physical properties making it perfectly suited for a variety of applications. Please contact us for your individual and specific application and provide us information of chemical type, concentration, and temperatures to certify resistance for your application. REXLINE can supply a variety of different chemical grade rubber compounds such as CIIR, IIR, NBR or CR rubber for various other chemical or special applications. Please contact us for further information.

Available Ex stock Perth

3 x 1500 x 10000 mm*
6 x 1500 x 10000 mm*

*One side sides smooth, One side CN bonding layer


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