Rubber Sheeting

REXLINE IL40 is high grade 40 Duro Black and Orange wear resistant natural rubber with a CN Bonding layer. IL stands for Indication Layer meaning if the black layer is worn, the orange layer shall signal the item need to be relined to protect your assets. REXLINE IL40 has high resistance to wet wear with high elasticity and flexibility. REXLINE IL40 is only with CN layer available to give excellent adhesion to a range of parent metals and surfaces. REXLINE IL40 has good physical properties making it an economical choice for wear protection and rubber lining applications. REXLINE IL40 is a carbon stabilised soft rubber and has better protection against UV light compared to other compounds in the same range.

Available Ex stock Perth

3 x 1500 x 10000 mm*
6 x 1500 x 10000 mm*
10 x 1500 x 10000 mm*
12 x 1500 x 10000 mm*
20 x 1500 x 10000 mm*
*One side smooth, one side CN layer


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