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For the harshest of sliding or wet abrasion applications.

Western Australia RUBBER SHEETING


Our 2 Component Polychloroprene (CR) adhesive is the ideal adhesive for all REXLINE rubber products.
It’s pink colour blends in perfectly with our MAX and PREMIUM rubber range.
Our Adhesives and chemicals are all compatible with our rubber sheeting and other rubber products. For a hold that withstands all kinds of terrains and weather, it is ideal for a large range of uses in mining and other industries.

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REXBOND is ideal for use with our Max40 rubber sheeting

What is our REXLINE Max40?

REXLINE Max40 is a high performance 40 Duro Pink wear resistant natural rubber.

REXLINE Max40 has excellent resistance to wet abrasion with high elasticity and flexibility. 



Universal Supply Holdings (USH) is an exclusive distributor of Rexline products in Australia and has a track record in supplying some of the world’s largest mining companies, EPCM with Trademarked Premium Rubber.

Universal Supply Holdings is also a supplier of wear resistant sheeting, conveyor belts, conveyor belt repair products, ceramics and steel liners, adhesives, ceramic and steel epoxy, rollers, pulleys and fabrications.

USH delivers industrial rubber supplies across the whole of Australia, including Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Australian headquarters also serves as the Engineering and Distribution Hub for its global network of offices and engineering facilities spanning across continents.

USH focuses on continuous improvement of wear products and processes and strive to deliver outstanding results.

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