REXWRAP Diamond Pulley Lagging

Conveyor Solution

REXWRAP™ DIAMOND PULLEY LAGGING is our trademarked high performance 60 Duro Black lagging to give ultimate abrasion resistance in the highest wear areas of a pulley. REXWRAP™ is a self cleaning lagging with a large diamond Profile to help with channeling dirt and water away from the pulley. REXWRAP™ is available with a CN bonding layer to give excellent adhesion to the Steel Pulley surface. REXWRAP™ has outstanding physical properties making it the number one choice for Pulley lagging.

REXWRAP DIAMOND Pulley Lagging Available Dimensions

10 x 500 x 20000 mm
12 x 500 x 20000 mm
15 x 500 x 20000 mm

*REXWRAP™ Laggings can be manufactured and supplied in a wide variety of lengths and thickness. Please contact us with your requirements


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