Rexbond Rubber Cement Adhesive

Adhesive & Chemicals

Our 2 Component Polychloroprene (CR) adhesive is the ideal adhesive for all REXLINE rubber products. It’s pink colour blends in perfectly with our MAX and PREMIUM rubber range. It comes usually in a kit with a 800g bottle of Hardener (IRODUR® E462). The Mixing ration between REXBOND and IRODURE® E462 is 4% parts of Hardener. Once mixed it has a pot life of around 2-3h depending on the surrounding temperature. Please observe environmental conditions when using REXBOND Adhesive. REXBOND is suitable to bond Rubber to Rubber, Rubber to Fabric or Rubber to Metal surfaces. REXBOND comes in 20L or 200L drum sizes. All other adhesives like NR Primer or Metal primer is also available through our distribution centre. Our experienced team is looking forward to your enquiry and to answer and further question to any of our displayed products.


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