High Density Ceramic Epoxy Repair Kit

Adhesive & Chemicals

Our Hi-Density Fast Cure Alumina Wear Epoxy is a 2-part epoxy ceramic wear resistant material, extensively used for repairing and protecting surfaces against abrasive attack. It contains 15% pure solid white beads, at an alumina content of 92-95 %. The remaining alumina as is equivalent to that, which is in all ceramic wear epoxy on the market with most material being currently only at a total of 78% – 81% alumina content. A two part epoxy ceramic wear resistant material that provides the following product characteristics:

  • Excellent sag resistance
  • High trowel ability
  • No shrinkage
  • High slump resistance
  • High peel strength from substrate
  • Low fumes
  • Low VOC
  • High impact and abrasion resistance
  • Can be used on wet and damp surfaces

It is simply designed to minimize sliding abrasion and corrosion wear. When used by itself, equipment, life can be extended by direct application to ceramic, concrete, steel, and rubber substrates where it exhibits very high peel strength. It also can be reapplied to itself and other ceramic coatings or used as a top coat to prolong wear life. Typical uses include: cyclone linings, pump linings, chutes, hoppers, pipes, pipe bends, tile grouting, dust collectors and exhausters, etc.


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