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For the harshest of sliding or wet abrasion applications.

Perth Industrial Rubber Supplies

REXLINE Premium Rubber Sheeting has been uniquely engineered for wet and dry applications. This is achieved by using naturally enriched, premium compounds.

REXLINE Premium Rubber Sheeting offers excellent abrasion resistance, elongation and strength to handle fine ores in even the most extreme of conditions.

REXLINE Premium Rubber Sheeting is globally recognized as one of the leading premium grade rubber compounds for the harshest sliding or wet abrasion applications.

For superior quality rubber sheeting that can withstand the harshest of conditions, try the REXLINE Premium Rubber range. We deliver our REXLINE Premium Rubber Sheets Australia-wide, from Perth and Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. If you would like to make an enquiry about our REXLINE Premium Rubber Sheeting products, get in touch with us by calling 08 9020 7022

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Understanding the benefits 

The process of mining and aggregates production generates considerable noise, vibration, and heat. Careful selection and use of a suitable rubber lining can have a significant effect on reducing noise levels, cutting down downtime, and increasing production throughput.


The Rexline Rubber products that have been used in the mining industry over the past two decades have proven themselves to be highly successful in alleviating noise and vibration, and in improving dust removal.

Rubber provides a barrier that allows the free passage of air, but encapsulates any ingress of particles. This provides effective dust control and protection from crushing or crushing debris. The encasing rubber not only keeps out particulate matter, it also acts as a cushion against wear on outside drums and other machinery components.

Rexline’s line of wear-resistant rubber products has been designed to sit inside conveyor systems and catch chips, dirt and dirt particles where they are produced.

The benefits include

  • Increased Plant Productivity 
  • Decreased downtime 
  • Minimized maintenance cost 
  • Enhanced safety and security 
  • Reduced overall cost of operation 
  • Environmental compliance 



By its nature, rubber in mouldable to form a permanent bond with a tough outer surface for the purpose of lining. Rubber is “self-lubrucating”, it eliminates wearing surface friction and hense prolongs the equipment life and reduces maintenance costs.

It will not emit toxic fumes or leak any harmful substance into production streams while in service. Thus, rubber lining is recognized as being environmentally friendly.

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